[Twitter Update] Siwon Mendoakan Kita, ELF Indonesia!!! ^^

Baru saja, Siwon update. Dalam update-nya, terlihat sepertinya ia memang rajin membaca berita lewat internet. ๐Ÿ™‚

Original post:

Isi berita yang di retweet Siwon adalah:

2 militants, a vendor killed in central Indonesia

JAKARTA, Indonesia โ€” Indonesia’s anti-terror forces say they have killed two suspected terrorists in a predawn raid in Central Java.

National police spokesman Col. Boy Rafli Amar says the suspects and anti-terror forces exchanged fire during the raid early Saturday in Sukoharjo district, during which a nearby rice vendor was also fatally shot.

Amar says the two suspects are among fugitives wanted for a church attack in Central Java last year. He says they are also believed to have links to a terrorist network in the West Java district of Cirebon.

A number of terrorist suspects have been arrested following a suicide bombing last month at a mosque in Cirebon that injured 30 people, mostly policemen.

Hmm, begitu cemasnya Siwon oppa terhadap keselamatan kita, ia sampai tweet dua kali untuk mendoakan keselamatan kita. ๐Ÿ™‚

Nice oppa, we’re okay, thanks and we always love you. ^^

Setuju, ELFs???

source: @siwon407

news source: msn

re-up by cha taeminhyukho-kpopeyes



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