Hello everyone, this is admin CN Piitch Keywonkyuu ^^

I am here to give something important on behalf of Kpop Eyes Indonesia.

We are so sorry that we cannot provide even a single news since last year and it hurts us that we are also busy with our personal life.

We want to keep and always update you with the latest news but we do not have other choices.

We decided to take a long break a.k.a long hiatus.

Although we are very sad- we are already 2 years- , but our condition does not allow us to keep with you, guys.

So we hope your tolerance. And thank you for always visiting our blog ^-^

We are very proud of our Eyesears. Thank you for always stay here!!!


We will not close down the site.

Someday we might come back to meet you all, hehehe. But we do not know the exact time.

But please wait us patiently! Kekeke

Thank You for Your Understanding.



All Kpop Eyes Indonesia’s Admins.


About Kpop Eyes Indonesia

Now all news of Kpop and Hallyu available in Indonesian and English language! Lets go!

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